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About The Life Safety Alliance

About The
Life Safety Alliance

There are several organizations and associations that serve the Security & Life Safety industry in a variety of different ways. While each has an integral mission to support factions of the community, such as industry professionals, and solution and service providers, there is no one place for the global community, educational bodies, research foundations, think tanks, corporations, and individuals wishing to enter the profession to find information on the training, education, tools, and resources that are available.

The Life Safety Alliance is building up its resources to be that central location.


To bring Security & Life Safety professionals together in the interest of International collaboration.


To be a global resource and authority on best practices for the Security & Life Safety industry through cooperation with trade associations, academic institutions, and members.


To provide expert support in the areas of industry standards, professional growth, technology innovation, research, and certification.

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Access to Experts

Connect with top Security & Life Safety experts

Professional Growth

Education, training, and certification resources

Online repository

Research, policies and procedures, thought leadership, industry news


Innovation, adoption, and compliance intelligence

Best Practices

Current and emerging methodologies that affect our global environment


Emergency systems, processes, and frameworks

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