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Gips' Top 23 of 2023

President Michael Gips gives his look at the 23 best, newest, surprising, or intriguing articles, conferences, books, podcasts, etc. from 2023. In his words, all completely subjective.

Best of 2023

  1. Best conference: Lots of contenders, including IPSB, GSX, OSAC, Security 500, ESX, Securing New Ground, ASIS Europe, etc. Coming out on top, though, is ASIS LatAm in Lima, Peru. A consummately professional experience with top-notch presenters, content, networking opportunities, production values, and gastronomic options. The presentations can be found on YouTube.

  2. Best conference party: It was a last hurrah for Chuck Andrews and Texas Night at GSX. But what a way to go. A supremely well-organized event with thousands of attendees receiving free admission for music, dancing, food, drink, armadillo races, games, vendor stations, mechanical bull riding, and prizes galore. Lucky winners got boots, belt buckles or lassos.

  3. Best new platform: With the so-called “reset” at Clubhouse, industry experts like Josh Phillips turned to LinkedIn Live for ad hoc discussions and briefings. The platform held up well.

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